Lost Levels is a radically-casual "unconference" picnic about games and play that aims to be hyper-inclusive: it is free, and anyone can run a session.

1 - 5 PM, MARCH 20, 2014

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2014 facilitated by: Mattie Brice, Harry Lee,
Toni Pizza, Ian Snyder, Robert Yang

2014 SESSIONS (PAST YEARS: 2013 - media | old site)

We don't formally schedule nor plan sessions. The list below is randomly shuffled.   re-shuffle?

GaymerX: a 10 minute post mortem
(10 min, talk, Matt Conn) We did GaymerX - I have some feeling about it!
the problem with cooperative games
(10 min, talk, Michael brough) k I'll talk about a common phenomenon in cooperative board games: the way they can easily degenerate into one player telling everyone else what to do, and about how some games try to avoid this. then I'll get everyone worried by going off on a tangent about something other than games! but don't worry, I will mention games again.
The art of memory & the craft of savegames
(10 min, talk, Jake Elliott) You can shoot a polaroid, wave it in the air, and moments later learn that you captured a mid-flight seagull shit. Or, like, this is 2014 -- you can take that photo on your phone but not discover the seagull shit until months later, flipping through photos half-drunk and nostalgic on your gross couch. Videogame save files aren't like polaroids; there are no happy accidents. They store a very specific and explicitly-defined snapshot of "now" -- a digital memory, carefully defined. Game designers often have to carefully decide what that memory means in the context of their game. We track the player's position, right? Or just the nearest "checkpoint." The quantity of, I don't know, ammo? The weather? Where in the sky are the 2-poly seagull billboards? Other times, designers just inherit that definition from their game's engine, and have to plan around those arbitrary constraints. Pretty weird, right? Yes. It is pretty weird. BUT, people have been constructing mechanical systems of memory for thousands of years! Let's talk about the ancient "art of memory," antiquated physical, spiritual, and logical mechanics for memorization, and finally drink deep from the river Lethe to learn the mercifully nihilistic "art of forgetting."
Arctic Indigenous Stories
(5 min, talk, Ryan Oliver) I make games in the Canadian Arctic. We tell stories that are unique to Inuit culture. I'll talk about the importance of telling the stories of where you are from and the unique experiences there in.
Game Jams: One Jam To Bind Us
(5 min, talk, Lucy Morris) I will use this talk to spread my fervent, frothing-at-the-mouth evangelism for game jams as both a long time organizer and participant, 1.) as a way for us to thoroughly & creatively explore different genres in gaming, 2.) to bring unlikelies together and 3.) as a great, positive way to spread advocacy about issues. May include actual jam if I can find some.
(5 min, talk, Andy Wallace) Playtesting is super important, right? Yes probably but it's super annoying or hard sometimes AND I HAVE SOMEHTING TO SAY ABOUT IT
(5 min, talk, Phil Hassey) I will discuss how raising goats has radically changed how I develop games.
Netrunner is terrible but it doesn't matter.
(5 min, talk, George Buckenham) Also I make a more broadly applicable point about games, so if you don't play Netrunner that is fine.
Videogame Jockeying Micro-Seminar
(5 min, talk performance, Nando Sarmiento) In the world there are DJs... VJs... but, why aren't there any "VGJs"? That is, Videogame Jockeys? A whole new category, addressing the return of the "cool" Game Master. Using my game Tough Coded as example, I will explain why Videogame Jockeying is not only good for your game's quality (to get instant feedback) but also for your games ultimate exposure (showing it at events and the such).
Outcome unlocked: making a serious impact with games
(10 min, talk, Heather Browning) How to make better serious games by making them better games. How to apply frameworks such as MDA when designing a serious game in order to make it more effective. (I am also going to try to find some time to run a 20 min game during/after the event).
Strategy Games as Fascist Modernity
(10 min, talk, Jordan Marshak) I would like to explore the ways in which Strategy games embody Fascist ideas about self, society, and philosophy, briefly discussing things like the way in which they organize control and agency, and their nature of value and how those closely replicate Fascist ideas that most of us would find extremely alienating in our "real lives". I'll raise questions about the ways in which the logic of Fascism (real Fascism) continues to play out in our contemporary world, but also about the "pleasure" of Fascism--after all, many people (including myself), play and enjoy these "Fascist" games, just as many people historically supported Fascist regimes. Why?
Being New: My Perspective Entering Indie Games
(10 min, talk, Jodediah Holems) I'm making my first non-jam-sized game ever while juggling a full college course load, social presence, and sleeplessness. I'm following all the reputable indie devs I can get my hands on through Twitter. I'm reading Gamasutra religiously. I feel connected at the same time nobody knows me, and I'm putting into motion a series of extroverted actions (including this talk) that are completely uncharacteristic and frightening. These are my thoughts.
Secrets Secrets are Fun
(5 min, talk, Teddy Diefenbach) It's great to be an indie developer. You can be as open as you'd like about your game, show work in progress to connect with your potential players, and get feedback from more people because you don't have to be all corporate and secretive. BUT you can also keep fun secrets from your players. Let's talk about all the kinds of secrets, and the way you can or shouldn't give hints.
Critical Proximity Postmortem
(5 min, talk, Zoya Street) I'll talk about what happens when games critics get together to talk about games criticism, and some other people who were also there might also say something, and hopefully we'll learn something about cultural interventions and collaboration.
(5 min, talk, Eddie Cameron + Madonna) <p>[empty]</p>FATAL ERROR : TALK DESCRIPTOR INVAILD="What%20is%20games%3F"
Henka Twist Caper
(10 min, performance / demo, Shawn Pierre) Twist your body. Twist the controller. Stay in the box. Find the sweet spot. Stop everyone else.
What Poetry can Teach us about Making & Reading Games*
(5 min, talk, Andrew Yoder) Often when discussion the form of video games and their potential as art we revert to film terminology. This either doesn't make sense, or it encourages bad design practices. In this talk I'll be looking at the spectrum of goals in games (from none to blatant "press X to win"), how they line up with our vague not- / art- / game-game categories, and how genres informed by those categories have more in common with poetry than film or books.
* If all else fails, I may just read some poems.
Professor Oak's Dance Off Reloaded!
(5 min, danceoff, Sos) Let's all partake in this traditional dance of Professor Oak yet again! Yes!
It's not just a bunch of misaligned flickering magenta GIFs: The beauty of the polish turds
(5 min, performance, Fernando Ramallo) I love polish. It's nice, shiny and smells good. BUT IT RUINED MY LIFE. I'll explain how improvisation brought some peace and fun into my everyday life as a creator and how #weirdkids and PANORAMICAL are shaped by a different kind of polish. A smelly one.
Poetry Is Not Just For Bookworms
(10 min, talk/reading, Nina Freeman) Before I started making games, I was writing and studying poetry. I want to discuss how specific poets and their work (poets like Elizabeth Bishop, Ted Berrigan and Vladimir Mayakovsky) have shaped how I approach game design. I will read some of my own poetry, as well as poems that have directly influenced my games. I hope that I can convince someone out there that reading and writing poetry can help make your games more interesting.
String theory and 11-dimensional membrane worlds
(10 min, talk, Andi McClure) A brief introduction to M-theory, a scientific theory all about the idea our universe is a 4-dimensional bubble floating through a 11-dimensional multiverse full of other universe-bubbles, all of which have totally different physics, and which occasionally collide with each other. Science background not required.
(5 min, talk, Scott Anderson) A brief overview of the past, present and potential future of the game industry.
Video Game Zine Making Workshop
(10 min, workshop, Aquma) Let's make some video game fan zines! We'll make small books that cover topics and games the traditional press and publishers don't see as being profitable. We'll talk about layout, paper-folding techniques, distribution (physical and digital), story idea brainstorming, etc. Let's scribble on scratch paper, cut up some video game magazines, and then tape everything together in ways that we deem fit. If we can find a Xerox nearby, we'll even make copies. It's gonna be cool.
eSports are pretty cool
(5 min, talk, Taylor Cocke) Look, I dig eSports and I don't care who knows. I'll talk about how rad they are in some capacity.
The Importance of Diversity In and Off Games
(5 min, talk, Elaine Gomez) I'm going to bring in some print outs of visualizations I've made for my research in gender and games and talk about why diversity is important in and off games.
Greatest Hits From The Growtopia Support Desk
(10 min, talk, Solee Hommel) Solee will regale you with the most interesting and/or dramatic support desk correspondence of the last year of Growtopia, and speak briefly on what Growtopia has taught us about customer support.
(5 min, performance, Deirdra "Squinky" Kiai) I will play some sweet improvised bass riffs on my euphonium. You all will dance. If you play an instrument too, feel free to jam along with me!
Games as Engines of Mundanity
(5 min, talk, Ian Snyder) Imagine yourself on a mountaintop. The clear night sky is above you, filled with countless stars. A cold wind carries air to you from hundreds of miles North. Now, imagine a perfect simulation of this mountain in your computer. Imagine returning to it again and again and again, carving the scene into your mind through repeated strokes like initials in a tree. Imagine that, through careful study, you attain perfect knowledge of this mountain. When you visit the mountain again, nothing strikes you as new, nothing novel. You feel bigger than the mountain. You feel large and powerful. You look at the stars and marvel at how much you know about these stars. The mountain has become mundane. It no longer surprises you, it no longer makes you feel small. Nor can you possibly return to that feeling of smallness anymore.
Beyond Ace Attorney, or: Dismantling Sexual Normativity in Games
(10 min, talk + discussion, Kris Ligman) There's a lot of talk about including queer characters of various stripes in games, and this is great. However, not everyone is a sexual being -- asexuality is a valid orientation many people identify with, yet it is difficult (sometimes nearly impossible!) to find examples of ace characters in our media. Let's put our heads together to think outside the sexual box!
Collective Art Jam
(10 min, activity, Kathyrn Long) A group art project for everyone to participate in to make fun art! Current idea is give everyone sticky notes and let everyone draw something based on a common theme, and assemble into a single Lost Levels collage!
The Code Behind Psychedelics
(5 min, talk, Cale Bradbury) This talk will go over the visual effects psychedelics can have on your eyes/brain and how they can be represented through code and math.
AI Workshop
(10 min, workshop / discussion, Borut Pfeifer) People discuss and get advice for solving the AI & gameplay technical problems they're currently trying to solve.
What's going on with Japanese indies?
(5 min, talk, Aubrey Serr) I'm attending Bitsummit in Kyoto right before GDC, and I will spend 5 minutes to talk about what is going on with Japanese indie developers there!
Critical Level Design Analysis of the Cradle as Interpretive Dance
(5 min, talk-performance, Robert Yang) The Cradle is the 3rd-to-last level of the game Thief 3. It is a giant Victorian orphanage slash psychiatric hospital slash haunted house, and it is one of the Greatest Levels Ever Made. Its greatness can only be communicated through the timeless medium of Interpretive Dance.
Solving the Same Problem Over and Over
(5 min, workshop, James Hoffmann) An observation on how progress emerges from structured chaos.
Why [Game] is Gr8
(5 min, talk, Brendan Keogh) Last year during the second round of talks I gave an impromptu talk about why ZiGGURAT is awesome. It was really fun to just talk about why a game I really like is great without any lofty goals of fixing games criticism or anything. Just appreciating a good thing. I'm going to do that again. I haven't decided what game I'll do it about yet. Maybe I'll hold a vote. Maybe either Driver: San Francisco or Binary Domain or Flappy Bird or, if Harry is close enough, Stickets. Just to make him blush (see picture for demonstration).
Warning: Contains Spoilers for the Movie Version of "The Mist"
(5 min, talk, Mike Hommel) I can't tell you, it's spoilers. But basically, I want to tell you a rags to riches story about a young boy growing up in the projects, found by Sandra Bullock and taught to play the violin for the President of the United States. That young boy was me. I mean, not literally, or even figuratively, but I made a game and found success when I thought I had to give up and move on to the food service industry. You can too!
games that engage intergenerational fun through storytelling
(5 min, discussion, Francis) I am a graduate student in the design program at California College of the Arts and I am developing my thesis about connecting elderly and young family members though storytelling games. Participating in this event will be hugely beneficial to my work in progress. I will talk about my thesis, show some of the probes that I've been working on and invite people to play and give their thought about games.
The Banana Dogs GDC Challenge
(5 min, casually ridiculous competition, Toni Pizza) In pairs or small groups (or solo w/selfies if that's your style), teams compete to recreate the infamous "Banana Dogs" comic strip using GDC (or honestly whatev) themes. Participants will be asked to send their submission photos into the workshop leader, photos will be edited into comic strips and displayed online. May the best Banana Dog impersonator win. A limited number of banana props will be available for use.
The Game Developer's Guide To Ideology
(10 min, talk, Ivan Safrin) No tool exists without an accompanying ideology, whether explicitly imbued with one by its creator or assigned by those who use it. Our choice of tools (and in the context of art, our choice of medium) is always a choice of that accessory system of thought. Video game tools and platforms especially, are part of a complex system of ideals prescribed by the technology that makes them possible and the industry that creates them. How do we choose the right tools if we want to develop video games outside of traditional political and socio-economic structures?
Video Games and the Apocalypse
(5 min, talk, Jared Johnson) I explain why I kept on making games even though I was told civilization would fall VERY soon. What will our hard work ammount to after the collapse? well... in some cases, quite a lot. we will talk about the potential of indie games as a proxy for activism and social change as well as the powerful magic of truly touching somebody.
A Plea for E-Books. A... Pleabooks? (No. Sorry.)
(5 min, talk, Taylor Morris) Reading is pretty great, you guys- so I want to get more good quality bookish content into as many hands as possible. The physical medium is obviously totally sweet and probably still better overall but it doesn't travel nearly as fast or as cheap. This talk is going to be a ramble about the huge variety of digital distribution and how to make your stuff as accessible and available as possible. Also asking for money is pretty hard so let's practice that!
Invisible Walls, Puffy Clouds, and the Unheavenly World Behind Them
(10 min, talk, Paolo Pedercini) As the aphorism goes "the map is not the territory": whenever game makers try to model or reference reality, they inevitably operate reductions and limit the scope of the simulated world. We are all familiar with the notion of invisible wall, but beyond the mere spatial dimension, game systems have even more invisible and treacherous boundaries. The politics and the system of value of a game often depends on where we draw these conceptual borders and on the way we decide to disguise them.
I hate the term "virtual"
(5 min, rant, Andrew Grant Wilson) Videogames and virtual, the terms go together like peanut butter and jelly! So delicious is the combination that it has become hard to talk about one without invoking the other. And you know what? Fuck that shit. Join me as I give a light-hearted talk on how "virtual" is often completely and utterly inaccurate, inappropriate and damaging when used to describe the things (like videogames) we offhandedly and confidently label as being so. Several definitions were harmed in the making of this talk.
(5 min, play session, Ilya Zarembsky) Game materials are all around us; in fact, they are even growing on us. We will cut/shave our hair and make a huge hairball out of everyone's hair and play a game with it. I will provide buzzers and vaseline to hold the hair together. If enough people participate, I will shave off my beard.
(5 min, talk, Chad Toprak) aaahhhh, so many ell-em-pees, what is this, so confusing, whatdoido. this talk comes with free keywords: curation, space, context, design, culture, community, literacy, celebration, homogony, inclusivity, permission, spectacle, fun, not-fun. chad makes, curates and pee-haych-dees ell-em-pees. (disclaimer: ell-em-pee means LMP, not to be confused with ell-em-en-oh-pee) <3
Purification In Progress
(5 min, talk, Jonah Davidson) A rant session about story and subtlety in games (and all media). Will discuss at high speed tropes, story-telling methodologies, and content dispersion methods, and why you should chuck them all out the window. Rebuttals welcome afterward.
Shake It Up!
(5 min, workshop, Kaho Abe & Ramsey Nasser) When the can is shaken, small bubbles of carbon dioxide (CO2) gets mixed inside the liquid. When the can is opened, these bubbles expand quickly and try to force their way up and out of the can, taking the liquid with them. In other words, BOOM!
Breathing: The Game
(10 min, game, Alex Fleetwood) I've been working with Rohan Gunatillake (21awake.com) on some prototypes of games that might enable different kinds of mindfulness practice to happen, and I'd like to tell you a bit about that process, try a couple out on you guys and get some feedback.
Ric Chivo's "Ten Responsibilities of a Game Developer"
(10 min, keynote talk, "Ric Chivo") Stop FAILING at videogames today! Ric Chivo is here to help: he's gonna share the wisdom he's earned in his AAAA games career and his notorious departure to become one of the hotttest indies around... dropping real educational takeaways right like a BOMB onto the GDC Weirdo Track, informally known as "Lost Levels." Do you have no idea what gamers WANT from your game? Of course you don't: you think you're an artist! You'll never get rich like that, my friends. Learn how to be a RESPONSIBLE game developer and in no time you'll so polished that you'll blind booth babes just by smiling! Flow! Fun! Choices! Power! Fantasy! Learn how to do it ALL and DOMINATE your competition! Sexxxy!
no idea yet
(5 min, talk, Anna Anthropy) ugh i don't know
(10 min, work-play-shop, Isaac Schankler) I am not sure if this is a WORK shop or a PLAY session but I will probably ask you to make some weird noises and we will call it a game, and we will call it music, and we will call it art, and someone will probably get mad about that.
(5 min, talk, JP LeBreton) Sometimes it's good to make things where you're not at all sure whether you'll succeed.
How to Start Your Own Game Jam
(5 min, talk, Andrew Ferguson) I'm going to talk for 2-3 minutes about how someone with zero experience running game jams or making games can get started and do both easily. This is going to be based on my experiences founding & running the WTF Are We Doing Game Jam ( http://wtfgamejam.com/2013/ ) last year. I'll hopefully be able to tell you how to duplicate this modest success IN YOUR OWN HOME. Then I'm going to take a couple questions. Maybe they'll be related, maybe they'll just be about my rad shoes. Then I'm probably going to give everybody candy and fall over in the grass because adrenaline.
What the heck is the use of game studies? no really!
(5 min, talk, Ben Abraham) I have no idea what the point of game studies is but apparently I am in game studies???? People like/dislike game studies??? Come along and tell me what the point of the game studies is and maybe we can talk about what to do with or about game studies. Game studies. Game studyes. Game studisse. Gaem Studis.
Masterpiece Theatre: Drill Killer Edition
(10 min, talk, Cherry) thecatamites' DRILL KILLER as a drama adapted for lawn picnic audiences. http://www.freeindiegam.es/2012/03/drill-killer-thecatamites/
What is "avant-garde"?
(10 min, discussion, Lana Polansky) I would like to have a discussion with whoever shows up, I guess, about what we think of when we consider the "avant-garde" in games. I want to get to hear some examples of what other people consider "avant-garde" in games but also why they think that. I also want to dissect what we mean by terms like "innovative" and "cutting edge" and if a game is considered "avant-garde," then I want to put that in context: namely, if something is radically new, then in relation to what? "Avant-garde" is a relative term so what do we think of as establishment art in videogames? So, by contrast, what would we identify as anti-establishment art in games? What does it stand for, what does it look like and who makes it? (Also, how can this be related to other legacies in art, like art nouveau or jugendstil or dada, for instance?)
(10 min, activity, Daphny) id like to facilitate a physical play session between the rounds of talks... like duck duck goose, or octopus tag, or red rover, or steal the bacon or even a tiny capture the flag game. if people are into having these games we can play again after all the talks are over (last year there was so much leftover time, why not play)
"Autopsy of a Market" AKA picking the Comics Industry's corpse to learn from their mistakes
(5 min, talk, Nicolas Barrière-Kucharski) A comparative look at how the mainstream American comic book industry marginalized itself into irrelevance by catering to one unique group and how the video game industry is currently trying go on business as usual.by repeating the same destructive cultural and demographic patterns.
Sound as a Commodity
(10 min, talk, Liz Ryerson) i rant about music and how sound is employed/how to employ sound in popular music because MUSIC, GAMES, IT'S ALL THE SAME IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT~!
A History Of Jeff Goldblum In Games
(5 min, talk, Zoe Quinn) Exactly what it sounds like - a retrospective on the rich and varied history of actor Jeff Goldblum in games and the games industry.
How I Digital Signal Processing and so can you
(10 min, talk, Evan Balster) Game developers are expected to understand the processes underlying graphics rendering and take control of them in order to achieve their desired aesthetics. Why, then, are the vast majority of us in the dark about how our games' audio works? I propose we take the reigns, and give an introduction to low-level dynamic audio programming and its possibilities in game design.
Create a Local Conference!
(10 min, talk, Mattie Brice) I want to inspire everyone to start an un/conference of their own, where they live, with the community members around them. I will share experiences I've had running conferences and field questions for those who are intimidated by the prospect but willing to try making a community event.
Gaming and Ethics
(5 min, talk, Denver Coulson) Hello! I'd love to share some interesting bits of information I've learned about ethical design while making games. Now before you say, "that sounds stupid boring!", let me say it has grown from an experience where I was semi/almost/potentially attacked by coyotes beta testing my game.
Friendly Fighting
(10 min, argument / debate, Shawn Pierre) Arguments teach us about sides we haven't experienced. Debates help may help us discover something new about our, or the other position. Let's pick some topics. Let's argue for/against them. Let's disagree so badly that our brains hurt. Then let's laugh about it afterwards.
Aikido and Games
(5 min, talk, Nathan Mishler) Aikido is a martial art based on harmonizing energies. Many games unknowingly interact with their players using similar techniques to Aikido. I will present examples and new ways of thinking about interacting with players.
Train Jam: How Did it Go?
(5 min, talk, Adriel Wallick) I'll be talking about how Train Jam went, why I made it happen, and hopefully show off a few games if time permits!
Let's make "Lost Levels - THE VIDEOGAME"
(10 min, workshop, Marius Winter) We will create "Lost Levels - THE VIDEOGAME" with you guys in ten minutes! The game has a "kinda Space Invaders"-mechanic, but instead of being a spaceship shooting Aliens, you play a person giving a talk to an audience. "Shoot" inspiring words at the people to inspire them! We prepare and bring the code, but you create art- and sound-assets! Art assets will be drawn on paper and digitized with iPhones, same goes with the sound effects. You don't have to bring anything but your fun brain. We bring all the material, and... yeah it's going to be super crazy. At the end it's going to become a huge art-game-collab and people will play the game online for free. Yay!
Poetic Videogames: A haiku perspective
(10 min, talk, Thomas Papa) The forms and conventions of poetry can be applied to videogames, and the aesthetics of poetry can be experienced through the medium. In this talk I am applying a close reading of the tradition of Japanese haiku poetry to videogames. I will not only explore the similarities between poetry, play and games in general, but I will offer a framework for designers that can be used in the creation of haiku games.
Flappy Bird is a well-designed game
(5 min, talk, Geoff Hom) I was late to the Flappy Bird party, and there seemed to be so much hate/dissing/jealousy. After getting a 0 on the first try, I've found many (3? 1?) genius design elements in the game.
Stupid games takeover a city.
(5 min, discussion, Louie Roots) Can indie devs do anything organised? Can introverts without money be proactive and cover a city with games for a week, or a month? Help shape an idea about creating an unorganised dev-and-play takeover of a city. It probably won't happen, but maybe it will?
Games are not art
(5 min, performance, Shawn Alexander Allen) This will be a performance of a poem I wrote about the bullshit surrounding games as art.
Secret Sauce of the AppStores
(10 min, talk, Japheth Dillman) Attendees will learn in detail the formulas used by both GooglePlay and Apple Appstores for purposes of Ranking, and how to game those algorithms. Attendees will learn effective distribution channel strategy for both burst and sustained campaigns. Finally, attendees will learn AppStore Optimization tricks for search on the AppStores.
Play Design & Demo
(10 min, talk, John Mahowter) A quick talk about my research and then a short game of Shootlace, which is kind of like miniature shuffleboard except played with wooden cubes and shoelaces.
Adventure Design and Live Games
(10 min, talk, Gabe Smedresman) I help organize the Adventure Design Group, a free demi-monthly speaker series for live games and immersive theatrical experiences. If you're interested in this growing craft that blends fiction and reality with a mix of games, high-tech and low-tech, tours, puzzle hunts, and participatory theater, I and some of our previous speakers will talk a bit about how designing real world experiences and physical environments is relevant to video game design, and vice versa.
Emotions Are Hard >:(
(5 min, talk, Izzy Gramp) Emotions suck. 2 parts rant,1 part discussion. So, movies, poetry, books, music pretttyyy much everything has a generic language that they use to tell if something sad, happy or otherwise...what about game mechanics? Is there something or are we all having to be explorers of it on the new frontier :x
IRL: A Return To Real World Communities
(5 min, talk, Albert Kong) Fuck your social media. Less tweeting and more creator-focused social events IRL. We can learn a lot from the way other artistic communities organize.
Games [4Diversity] Jam
(5 min, talk, Menno Deen) The Games [4Diversity] Jam explores how the perspective of social groups that are less represented in today's game culture can enrich the industry. We do this by jamming. A 24 hour game jam to explore how these perspective influence game design decision. We had the very first Games [4Diversity] Jam in Amsterdam on March 8-9 and discovered some pitfalls and venues that are worth exploring further. Join us to see what happened this weekend and see how you can contribute to the Games [4Diversity] Jam USA edition the weekend after GDC (March 22-23)
Bad Golf Community Edition: an ongoing open source fan project
(10 min, playtest, Erik Behar) I am/was part of Bad Golf. I will have a working build of the game running on android, people can freely install the APK and join in on the fun ( I'll bring 1 or 2 devices, hopefully people in the session will bring a device!) After a game or two, I will hold a Q&A session to answer peoples questions about anything ranging, from Double Fine, Amnesia Fortnight 2014, working on open source GitHub game projects on Unity, etc.
Video Game Development Is Best With Friends!
(5 min, talk, arjun prakash) Want to make video games, it is always better with friends. How to build a video game community in your town or city. Create a support system to get your games completed and shipped. From one of the founder of Glitch City LA.
Cool geometry fan club: Voronoi Edition
(5 min, talk, Jimmy Andrews) I'll bring a bunch of pictures of interesting 3D geometry, and talk a bit the algorithms and libraries/tools that you could use to make similar shapes. I'll focus on 3D voronoi diagrams, and funky tessellations of space.
If You Think You Can't Cook
(5 min, talk, Big Shell) Easy, tasty, cheap and nutritious meals for devs at crunch time, not suitable for people who are already comfortable in the kitchen but will likely to give a head up for the ones living off instant noodles and spoonfuls of Nutella. If a few of these can't be done in a 5 minutes talk, it is too complicated.